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Author Name:    Hilton Hotema ( A.K.A.: George R. Clements, Kenyon Klamonti, Dr. Karl Kridler)

Title:   KENYON KLAMONTI, HILTON HOTEMA, DR. KARL KRIDLER, BOOK LOT, 49 Books Occult Esoteric Mystic Philosophy New Age

Binding:   PDFs

Book Condition:   New Digital E-Books

Type:   Digital E-Books

SKU Book Number:   Ebook001


49 Digital E-Books by Hilten Hotema ( A.K.A.: George R. Clements, Kenyon Klamonti, Dr. Karl Kridler) electronic format only - Ebooks All PDFs in varying degree of quality, Most are great! All at least readable. $40 for ALL!

These can be mailed to you on a disc, On a disc for pick-up in Sedona, or you can choose to receive a link to direct download.

I have thousands of others as well, so inquire if your interested.

Man's Higher Consciousness

1962 “Life is creation’s greatest treasure for man in the flesh and most men should enjoy it much longer than they do.” These are some of the wise words that Hotema preaches to you in this extraordinary book. He shows you how you can live a much longer life by learning the body’s simple requirements and living in harmony with that knowledge. He strongly believed that you could exist alone on breathing, fruits and liquids. This book will surely open your eyes to new health.

Genesis Of Christianity

1967 Hotema started to Sunday School - he went regularly until he was fifteen. At twelve, he began the study of the Bible in earnest. He became a preacher and after preaching in scores of different states, finally found that the truth was not being given to the people. He began comparing the various Bible and religious books and found many startling facts which were never given to the people from the pulpit - never taught in public schools, nor in Sunday Schools. He found the average preacher knew little about the history of the bible, and was shouting about things that were not true. He discovered why the Roman Empire was plunged into mental darkness with the birth of Christianity. That darkness was necessary to help the Priesthood frighten people, to keep the Priesthood in high places, and to drive the multitude into the church, for the sake of profit and power. He shows why Moses could not have written the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible - the account of his own demise - Deut. 34).

Awaken The World Within

1963 This course of study, 58 wonderful lessons. These lessons show how the higher faculties of Mind and Soul may be aroused and activated, thus enabling the body, through which the Real Man contacts the physical plane, to express the highest impulses and the noblest characteristics. If you are seeking the highest spheres of mental, physical, and spiritual existence, you should find in these lessons the help and guidance you need.

Son Of Perfection #1

A study of the hidden teachings of the Apocalypse (the last book of the Bible). Chapter headings: Last Book of the Bible; Seven Incarnations; Endocrine System; Fiery Serpent & False Prophet; Regeneration; Sex Force; Fourth Dimension; Four Principle Glands; Radiation; Light of the World; Mother of the Universe; Solaricalism.

Son Of Perfection #2

A summary of the Hidden Teachings of the Apocalypse by chapter and verse - from the original Greek, with an interpretation of the symbols and parables, based on the Lost Wisdom of the Ancient Masters. Illustrates the Vital Battery, Kundalini Force. Prof. Hotema, in his prologue to "Awaken The World Within" states: "the student is advised that this work is a printed, revised, improved version of Son of Perfection."

Man's Miraculous Unused Powers #1

For Years our Hotema fans have been asking for new Hotema material. Believe me we have been searching. Recently we have acquired the early writings of Kenyon Klamonti, (Hilton Hotema) We discovered 4 Booklets. These contain the lessons described in Awaken The World Within. A Hotema classic. Each time you read the work you will get a better under standing of natural laws and cosmic principles. Lesson No. 1, Physical Perfection; Lesson No. 2, The Living Cell; Lesson No. 3, Physical Immortality; Lesson No. 4, Vital Adjustment; Lesson No. 5, Body Changes; Lesson No. 6, Man's Natural Home; Lesson No. 7, She Eats Nothing; Lesson No. 8, Materialism; Lesson No. 9, Body Building Material.

Man's Miraculous Unused Powers #2

This booklet two includes: Lesson No. 10 The Aging Process -Lesson No. 11 Does Man Starve – Lesson No. 12 Danger of Abrupt Changes - Lesson No. 13 Chronic Auto-intoxication -Lesson No. 14 Body Needs -Lesson No. 15 Eating Poisons - Lesson No. 16 Vegetarianism Is Bad - Lesson No. 17 Lesson No. 10 The Aging Process -Lesson No. 11 Does Man Starve - Lesson No. 12 Danger of Abrupt Changes - Lesson No. 13 Chronic Auto-intoxication -Lesson No. 14 Body Needs -Lesson No. 15 Eating Poisons - Lesson No. 16 Vegetarianism Is Bad - Lesson No. 17 Carnivorism Is Bad

Man's Miraculous Unused Powers #3

BOOKLET #. 3 Lesson No. 18 Longevity Lesson No. 19 Water Causes Aging Lesson No. 20 The Wonderful Orange by Dr. Leon A. Wilcox Lesson No. 21 Breath of Life Lesson No. 22 Spiritual Organs Lesson No. 23 Spiritual Powers.

Man's Miraculous Unused Powers #4

BOOKLET #. 4 Lesson No. 24 Physical Purification, Lesson No. 25 Breath of Death Lesson No. 26 Poisoned Air Lesson No. 27 The common Cold. Lesson 28 Cosmic Air Purifiers.

Ancient Secret Of Personal Power: Tetragrammaton

1960 Good Health is the very Foundation of Success. And we have heard that Good Health is man’s birth-right. That is another grievous error. Good Health is the Reward received by him who earns it. Contents: Kingdom Within, Perfection Is Within, Secrets of the Body, Mysterious Glands, Seven Astral Centers, Tetragrammaton, Science of Sensology, Endocrinology, Higher Consciousness, Theology, Seership, Astral Light, Living Fire, Macrocosm & Microcosm, Time-Eternity.

Pre-Existence Of Man #1

Professor Hotema takes us on an exploratory journey into the nature of Life. By examining the biology as well as the philosophy of Life, we come to understand the ancient mysteries contained within the Bible. In possessing the Cosmic Power of Creation, man is a creator in his own right. His is a free agent, and independent creature, and is responsible for his own conduct. Man is the God of his own being and existence. He has within himself the power of propagation and perpetuity. He can never become extinct. His pre-existence is plainly evident. He is the only true God...that God dwells in man and man in him, as the Bible says. In harmony with cosmic law, occult science holds that actual existence rises from potential existence; that physical existence is the materialization of spiritual existence. Under the Law of Cosmic Radiation, physical man appears as the materialization of his spiritual duplicate. Man’s visible form is a replica of his invisible frame.

Pre-Existence Of Man #2

This work of Hotema includes: Mysteries in the Universe; Many Bodies; Man, The Unknown; Cosmic Radiation; Hidden Artist; The Life Link; Sahasrara Chakra; Mystic Sleep; Reincarnation; The Lost Wisdom.

The Lost Word Of Freemasonry,

1967 The hidden secrets of masonry. Rare, unusual symbolic illustrations seldom found in books. Many say this is one of the most unusual books they have ever read. Content: Mystery, Symbolism, In the Beginning, Ancient Zodiac, 12 Labors of Hercules, The Pyramid, The Cosmic Reducer, Freemasonry, Je-Ho-Vau-H, Ancient Sphinx, Image of God, The Tarot.

Cosmic Science of the Ancient Masters (2nd edition)

This is a revised edition, not a part 2. 1969 If a man die, shall he live again? Is reincarnation a fact? The sublime truths of the Universe. The Mysteries of Nature, of Man; the Grand cycle of Creation; Conscious & subconscious Mind; Intuition: Immortality; dormant Organs; The Mysterious chambers in the Skull. One of the great classics.

The Great Law

1963 Highly Illustrated. Prof. Hotema studied the teachings of the Ancients from hidden and revealed sources for over seventy years. He was a student of many movements and teachings, Rosicrucian, Theosophy, Hindu, Hebrew, Egyptian & Grecian Mysteries, Magian Tradition, Masonry, the Tarot, Arcane Sciences, Hygiene, Vegetarian, and many others of which the world has never heard. He delved into ancient records and gathered scattered and widely separated fragments of truth from the ruins of temples of the Masters, who were so far ahead of us in knowledge and wisdom that only the few can interpret their true meaning. And he has interpreted it, boiled it down, condensed it into readily comprehensible material.

Why Do We Age

1959 Chapter Headings: Blood of Life; Breath of Death; Breathing is Living; Blood Poison; Rejuvenation; Fountain of Youth; etc.

Mystery Man Of The Bible

The Life of Apollonius; The Hidden Life of Jesus; The Council of Nicea; Falsification; The Legend and the Truth Interwoven - Why?; The Mystic Sleep; The Second Coming; The True Understanding of the Biblical Statement. Many reject this book at the first reading - later they come back to buy scores to give to their friends. It is a book which will change your entire life. The author says: "Truth is such a rare quality - a stranger so seldom met in this civilization of fraud, that it is never received freely, but must always fight its way into the world." Get this book now - read it - and you'll probably become another follower of Hilton Hotema.

Magic Beam, The

What is the nature of the animative principle? Where is the locality of the Spiritual World? These burning questions we shall consider and answer definitely and clearly. Contents include: Life, From the Water, Baptism, Materialism, Crystallization, Electrification, Solar God, Fire, Burning, Cosmic Fire, Cosmic Beam, Fire of Life, Electrical Radiation, Electronic Mechanism, Respiration, Living Soul, Animative Beam, Leading Glands, Four Bodies, Ego and Personality, Genes, Animism, Spiritual World, Behold the God, Eternal Existence, Expiration. 

Mystery Of Man

The cosmic process of transforming solarized man into physical man. Illusion. The dual aspect. The sense of separateness. The identity of the ego. The secret of the atom. Doctrine of numbers.

Facts of Nutrition, The

1957 The vitality of the organism depends not on food and drink, for experience teaches athletes to go into action with empty stomachs. The author gives as his concepts that the growth of the body does not result from food consumption, but from the division and subdivision of the parent cell. What food does not and cannot produce, it cannot and does not sustain. The author was a fruitarian and climbed coconut trees at an advanced age.

Creation: Cosmic Radiation In Florida

1962 Cosmic Radiation, called Astral Light by the Ancient Masters, is the Invisible Ocean of Living Fire that covers this Planet with everything known, appearing as Lightning in its fiercest form and as Human Flesh in its finest form. Content: Cosmogonical harmonism; Cosmogonical dualism; Building the body; Sustaining the body; Macrobioticism; Vegetarianism; Fatal process; We eat to die; The living fire; Grass for all; Facts vs. Fallacies; Why man eats; Cosmogonical correspondence; The watchful automatism; Live 1400 years; Photosynthesis; Radiation; Economology; Could it be?

The Breath Of Life And The Flame Divine,

1957 The ancient fire philosophers taught the secret of the Flame Divine and knew the meaning of the Spark of Life. After fifty years of diligent research, Professor Hotema has dug from ancient ruins some fragments of ancient scriptures dealing with a marvelous secret of the Macrocosm. Included within this manuscript are discourses on The Flame Divine, Breath of Life, Union of the Astral and the Physical, as well as The Art of Breathing – Aid to Health by Gertrude Martin.

The Fasting Story #2,

The Contents : Mazdaznan, How to Fast Scientifically When? Where? Why? By O.Z. Hanish, Ancient Secret of Longevity by Hilton Hotema, Worlds Record Hike While Fasting, Forty Days Without Food by Henry S. Tanner, The Minneapolis Fast, The New York Fast, Vitality Fasting & Nutrition by Hereward Carrington.

The Mysterious Sphinx,

A startling expose showing how a symbol for the ancient masters evolved into the God of Christianity. The Secret of the Cosmic Principles Which Constitute Man; The Lost Word; The Vital Principle of Life; How the Masters Communed With the Cosmic Powers & Principle; How Symbolism Develops Man.

Empyreal Sea - Live 1400 Years (How High Do You Climb)

1964 This is a radiant universe. Man lives, and moves, and has his being in a sea of radiation. Water and ice are condensed radiation. So is the earth, the sun and the moon. Man’s lungs are the great condensers, perfected by creation. They condense into blood the Empyreal Sea of Radiation as it flows into them at each inhalation. And that creative process is radio-synthesis. Content: What is the Empyreal Sea, Search for Longevity, The Perfect Organization, Man’s Place in Creation, The Creative Power, The Divine Curse, Marriage, The New Age, Procreation and Expiration, Degeneration.

Living Fire & God's Law Of Life, Sacred Wisdom of Knowledge of the Ancients 1960 The Ageless Wisdom of the Ancient Masters teaches us that the Divine Trinity is reflected in man; and this knowledge, when correctly and clearly interpreted as Hotema has presented it in his various works, will lift the veil that darkens the Mind and reveal to the understanding of man the facts of Eternal Life.

The Great Red Dragon,

Hotema is indeed one of our inspired authors. In the Great Red Dragon he explains how all ancient religions were based on Grand Cosmic Unity. The bible was "written" to please Constantine, complied from what was culled from Ptolemy's vast literary scrolls and manuscripts. The Twelve signs of the Zodiac became the Twelve Apostles. etc. Hotema expounds upon masturbation and warms against our ignorance of our bodies. Excessive copulation can damage the body with results unimaginable. The greater the pleasure experienced thru the physical, the greater damage suffered by the mental. The field of sex is still lamentably incomplete. There is an analysis of homosexuality by Ray W Harden. When you realize what this book is really about-you can't read enough of Hotema

The Land Of Light: The Tarot,

1959 The professor has correlated all of the various interpretations of the works on the Tarot into one harmonious whole. Hotema says a true decipherment of the Tarot Symbolism must conform to the principles of the Ageless Wisdom of the Ancient Masters as preserved in the symbology and allegory contained in the Christian Bible and in other ancient scriptures. Otherwise the interpretation will fail to agree with the teachings of the Masters who originated and designed the Major Arcana. The 78 Tarot Cards are fully illustrated.

The Ancient Tarot was the oldest Bible on earth, and an interpretation of its mysterious symbolism reveals the Cosmic Phenomena that was presented to the Neophyte in the Sacred Drama of the Initiation in the Ancient Mysteries which included the strangest mysteries of Life, such as Reincarnation, Resurrection and Eternal Life.

Dr. Arthur E. Waite wrote, "The True Tarot is symbolism. It speaks no other language and offers no other signs. Given the inward meaning of its emblems, they do become a kind of alphabet which is capable of indefinite combinations and makes true sense in all." Eliphas Levi claimed: "A prisoner devoid of books, had he a Tarot of which he knew how to make use, might in a few years possess a universal science, and discourse on all possible subjects with an unequaled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence." Hotema with his penetrating pen and wisdom clearly shows you secrets you have not known before.

The Magic Temple,

1968 The amazing powers of the human body. The author says the world is still trying to solve the mystery of man. Is God as described in the first book of the Bible? The evolutionists refuse to consider that fabulous account, and assert that man is the product of creation. People grow up in that confusion and know not what to believe. There is no death, as religion teaches. Food does not build blood as science teaches. Food does not give nourishment to the body as taught by the dietitians. Man need not die at 100 years. He quotes scores of unusual facts seldom found in the average text book. Don't miss this.

The Golden Dawn,

1967 Once again this famous author has given to the world a new & unusual manuscript. Those who mourn the dean will be most interested in this work. The Golden dawn, sharply gleaming on the distant horizon denotes the approach of a brighter day in the life of man, the Lord of the whole earth (Zach. 4:14). The millions of innocent people, sustained by the fear of death, sees the brilliant sign and shudders. For the sign heralds the revival of knowledge that will inform man of the mysteries of creation and liberate his mind from the fear of death. Man will learn that he is life, and that life had no beginning and has no ending. What appears as death pertains only to the body and not to life. The body was never alive. It was only the mechanism used by life to perform certain work of Creation in the visible world.

We Do Not Die

What happens after we die? Where do we go? Are we spirit or matter? Hilton Hotema takes us on a remarkable journey that explores what happens to us after death. 1959 Content: Man Does Not Die, We Do Not Die, The Supreme Power, Kingdom of God, The Ancient Symbol, Life and Man, An Imaginary Being, Consciousness, Life Eternal, Why We Live, Spiritual Consciousness, Crucified God Myth, Seven Sense Power, Finding the Supreme Power, etc.

The Divine Life,

1963 Contents: What is Life?; Dust of the Ground; Breath of Life; Law of Creation; Law of Change; Creative Force; Origin of Life; Kinds of Life; Hidden Artist; When Man Begins to Live; Relation of Man to Life; Man is Not Life; Man Does Nothing of Himself; Influence of Tradition; Ancient Worship Rules Today; In Spirit & In Truth; What Is the Soul? Mysterious Force; etc.

The Soul's Secret,

1958 Circa 330 B.C., wise men of all nations went to the Great Library at Alexandria with their most valued scrolls. By comparing various writings, Ptolemy was surprised to discover that all religious systems were very much alike. They were copies of one original system, one universal religion and philosophy, which varied in different countries only as the customs of the people varied. Hotema guides us through the labyrinth of information, true and false, to find the honest answer's to your questions about the Souls Secret.

The Hidden Creator,

1961 The world wants to know who, what, and where is the Creator. Ages of searching by great men have failed to find Him. If there is a Creator, it should be possible to locate Him. If there is none, then there is no answer to the question, What Power Creates and Regulates the World and everything in it? All questions have answers. This one has an answer, and Hotema was determined not to stop digging till he found it. Where did he find it? Right in the Bible, but stated in terms so simple that no one had noticed it.

Cosmic Creation (Part 1)

1956 This is the cosmic plan under which man has evolved. He was endowed with power that made him master of his own destiny. This complete freedom from all restraint was designed for his higher destiny. It was intended to lead him to Eternal Intelligence. But did he stay on the "Cosmic Plan"? Definitely a book to read and find out what was the plan and what happened.

Cosmic Creation (Part 2)

1958 Professor Hotema went back to the Antediluvian College of the Ancient Astrologers, who produced the only Science of Anthropology the world has ever had, and who taught the Neophyte the: Nature of the Universe Nature of Life Nature of Man As you proceed you will learn that the Ancient Astrologers skillfully concealed the gist of their esoteric knowledge in strange symbols, parables, fables, fiction, allegories, and by other means. Content: Cosmogony; Darkness; Cosmography; Universal Equilibrium; Science; Man Is Born; Cave Man; Great Stone Book; Traces of Primitive Man; Sunken Continents; Before Mountains Rose; Human Paleontology; Biological Kingdom; Atomic Creator; Constitution of the Body; Cosmic Intelligence; Birth and Death; Search For God; etc.

Secret Of Regeneration 1 & 2

1963 Each lesson of this marvelous course grows more and more interesting. It is a most remarkable and revolutionary body of information. The following facts are revealed. That man did not evolve from the ape, but degenerated from a previous race of Supermen or Gods. That the Gods of antiquity were a race of superior human beings who were our remote ancestors. That originally there was only one sex, not two and that these superior, fruitful beings reproduced parthenogenetically, but virgin birth. That women still possesses the latent capacity for virgin birth. Originally the embryo is hermaphroditic, through degeneration, imperfect males & females come into being.

Kingdom Of Heaven

The Grand Cosmic Kingdom and Its Seven Parts. The Mental Kingdom; Consciousness & Super-consciousness; Why People Fail; Freedom & Slavery; The Spiritual Organs & Powers; The State of Brahma; Telepathy & Television; The Fourth Dimension

Virgin Birth

Who's wrong and who's right? This important debate between the two doctors was the basis for their mutual parting of the ways. Colleagues and friends for years, these two Natural Hygienists developed their different lines of thinking following this debate. The evolution of Dr. Shelton and Dr. Clements (a.k.a Hilton Hotema) begins here! Back by popular demand, and in a much more legible format this is a must have for any Hotema fan. Clements – affirmative, Shelton - negative. Subjects: Virgin Mother; Degeneration & Devolution; Infinite Parthenogenesis Disastrous; Science or sensationalism - Which?; Has Man Descended From the Moon?; Virgin-Born Freaks of Creative Thought; Sex a Symbiotic Necessity; Virgin Birth & Degeneracy.

Live Better

1962 There is no such thing as healing. The body repairs itself; and the principal agencies used in the work are pure air, good water, sunshine, exercise and natural food. Content: Ancient Little Known Knowledge of Health and Long Life; Key to Vital Energy; Health Science.

Live Longer 1959

Chapter headings: Right Living; Healthful Environment; Climate; Mans Home; Artificial World; The Art of Living; He Lived 3700 Years; Law of Change; Fountain of Youth; Physiological Rest; Renewal of Youth; Man Lived 80,000 Years; Self Denial.

Ancient Little Known Knowledge Of Health And Long Life

The body repairs itself, and the principal agencies used in the work are pure air, good water, sunshine, exercise and natural food. Content: Ancient Little Known Knowledge of Health and Long Life, Key to Vital Energy, Health Science.

The Magic World, Or Is The Bible A Work Of Magic?

1967 In which Hotema tells a private story about himself that he has never before told in his writings. In the Bible read verses 12 to 18 of the 10th chapter of Joshua, where he killed the 5 kings and made the sun stand still. When he killed the 5 kings he blacked-out his five sensed, which eliminated the illusion of time and of course the sun stood still, which it really does. It is the earth which moves and not the sun. "In your sleep, you dream when your body is unconscious and your 5 senses are blacked out. When you are in contact with Eternal Knowledge, and if you are of the right type you receive some strange information."

The Glorious Resurrection,

1960 Professor Hotema explores and explains symbolism and its relation to ancient science, the universal fable of our numerous crucified saviors; the mysterious resurrection of Christ and its true meaning. By understanding ancient terminology, we can correctly interpret the true meaning of the biblical stories, for Hotema understood that the New Testament was a parable and one must comprehend the ancient knowledge, in order to interpret the parable. Chapter Headings: Symbolism; Ancient Science; Crucified Saviors; Great Mother of the Gods; Mysterious Resurrection; Birth of Gods; Light; Two Bodies in One; Ancient Terminology; Mystic Sleep; Life Cycle; Swindle of Mythography; Unknown Joy of Death; The Future Life; Reincarnation; The Universal Fable.

The Magic Wand: The Caduceus

1956 Hotema resurrects the dormant Divine Mind. He clearly states, and believed, that production of progeny by sexual generation is living evidence of mans failure to activate within himself the Divine State of Anglicism. By defining definitions of the Caduceus from many sources and claiming the Encyclopedia Americana descriptions were written for misleading the public, Hotema once again has our attention in this fascinating book. This is more than you ever wanted to know about the Pituitary, Thymus and Gonad Glands. A true Hotema Classic! Contents: The Serpentine Fire, It's Energizing Through The Subtle Body Centers (Chakras); Mastery Over The Senses; Awakening Of The 6th and 7th Senses; The Black And The White Serpent; The Golden Oil of Kanda; Biblical Truths That Have Been Suppressed.

Hilton Hotema - How I Lived To Be 90 (1966)

Hilton Hotema lived a life which was full of many adventures in spiritual and human growth. This masterpiece of a book conveys his life history of how he lived to be ninety turns around the Sun through healthy living: contact with Sunlight and fresh air, proper breathing, exercise and a raw, organic nutrition. He believed searching for chemical cures was wrong, but that looking for ways and means to live in harmony with the Laws of Nature was right.

Kenyon Klamonti - Immortalism - The Wisdom Of The Ages (1953)

Wisdom Of The Ages by Kenyon Klamonti written in 1953 and republished in 2011 is a course of study in immortality stating that man cannot be separated from Immortality/perfection, into the illusions of limitations by birth, decay or death. Man is in the NOW always perfect light/love and nothing else. Klamonti's, also known as Hilton Hotema, work is compiled after years of research, and presented to those who search for the Truth.

Hilton Hotema - Living Fire And God’s Law Of Life (1959)

This book The Ageless Wisdom of the Ancient Masters teaches us that the Divine Trinity is Man and this knowledge, when correctly and clearly interpreted as Hilton Hotema has presented here and in his other works, will lift the veil that appears to darken the human mind and reveal to the understanding of man the facts of immortality/eternity as a here and now fact.

Hilton Hotema - The Facts Of Nutrition (1957)

1957 The vitality of the organism depends not on food and drink, for experience teaches athletes to go into action with empty stomachs. The author gives as his concepts that the growth of the body does not result from food consumption, but from the division and subdivision of the parent cell. What food does not and cannot produce, it cannot and does not sustain. The author was a fruitarian and climbed coconut trees at an advanced age.

George Clements - The Law Of Life And Human Health (1926)

Published in 1926 this book was one of the first of George Clements', also known as Hilton Hotema, addressing health and natural hygiene. Clements actually understood the benefits of using all of the tools that Mother Nature has provided for us to stay happy and healthy. By studying this manual and applying the common sense information the man has shared with the world you can also stay in good physical/mental condition.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of Amenta- Gerald Massey and Hilton Hotema (Hotema had done an intro to this in 1907, but that introduction is missing from this copy)

Facsimile reprint of Book IV of "Ancient Egypt the Light of the World" published in 1907.

There is no death in the Osirian religion, only decay and change, and periodic renewal; only evolution and transformation in the domain of matter and the transubstantiation into spirit. In the so-called death of Osiris it is rebirth, not death, exactly the same as in the changes of external nature. At the close of the day the solar orb went down and left the sun god staring blankly in the dark of death. Taht the moon god met him in Amenta with the eye of Horus as the light the was to illuminate the darkness of the subterranean world. ―from “Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of Amenta”

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