Your Unseen Power: Real Training in Western Magic

By: Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

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Your Unseen Power Real Training in Western Magic Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

YOUR Unseen Power Includes:

All Digital

136 page workbook as PDF

61 teaching card images on Pathwork and God Forms of the Celtic and Egyptian traditions as jpg images.

Nine Audio Learning Sessions with both Flac and MP3 audio formats - More than 11 hours of training from Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, including the locus method of memory enhancement, use of symbols, building your magical persona, Pathworking visualizations on the Tree of Life, guided meditations, and much more.

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Highlights FROM YOUR Unseen Power

• The tools of the trade—how to create your wand, sword, ring, and more
• The Kabbalah as the cornerstone of the Western occult tradition
• Communing with the Gods: how to use Pathworking to learn the wisdom of the ancient deities
• A hunger for all knowledge – why a good magician knows as much about both subatomic particles and symbolic pentacles
• Exercises for enhancing your memory, dream recall, and each of your six senses
• Building self-discipline and confidence one step at a time
• Your Magical Name: creating your own magician's persona
• Angelic forces—the most potent names and rituals to invoke for protection, and much more

Many of us have experienced moments when a greater force seems to be acting in our lives—when events line up too perfectly to be coincidence, or when something we've been thinking about suddenly, unexpectedly manifests before us.
According to the Western mystery tradition, a lineage that has existed since the time of ancient Egypt, this is the power of magic – the ability to create change by merging your own will with the greater consciousness of the universe.

It is the power of genuine magic.

It is a power that you can learn to access consciously to vastly increase your ability to focus your intention, turn resolve into reality, and find answers to your most profound questions.
Your Unseen Power is the first comprehensive course in this ancient spiritual path, offering everything you need to begin your apprenticeship as a magician in a wisdom lineage that stretches back through the history of Western civilization.

With Your Unseen Power your apprenticeship in the most ancient and potent school of occult mastery is about to begin.


Your teacher on this journey will be Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, one of the most respected and experienced practitioners of magic in the world today. As author of over 17 books on the occult tradition, founder and director of studies at The Servants of the light School in England, and direct heir of the wisdom lineage of such legends as Dion Fortune and Ernest Butler, she will he your guide and mentor as you undertake the most comprehensive magical training available for home learning.
The first steps you take in your apprenticeship will establish the basics – why you seek to practice magic, what the training will ask of you, and what you will get back in return.
As you follow the course work in Your Unseen Power, you will learn more advanced elements of magical practice, such as creating the artifacts you need to perform complex rituals and using Pathworking (an ancient form of guided meditation) to commune with your most important spirit guides. The dedication you invest in each phase of your training will be repaid many times over as you learn to improve your self-discipline so you can effectively Focus the power of your intention, turn resolve into reality through -ritual and visualization, and access cosmic wisdom to find answers to your most profound questions.

Here is the first training program of its kind: an in-depth practical, curriculum in Western magic, presented by a master teacher, to allow you to unlock Your Unseen Power.

Your Unseen Power is an indispensable resource that will be your companion for years to come—a course that you can return to time and again for wisdom and inspiration as you follow the path of the Western magician. What you won't find in this course are crystal balls, lucky charms, or ingredients for love potions.

Here's what you will find:

• Rituals—ceremonies for creating protection wherever you go, consecrating sacred objects and places, contacting higher dimensions, and more
• Pathworking—a powerful art for tapping into the vast wisdom and energy of the collective consciousness
• Your sacred space—guidance for creating a space to facilitate your practice and spiritual growth
• Your spiritual allies—invoking spirit guides and angelic forces for protection, insight, and healing
• Guided practices—techniques to enhance your memory, explore dream consciousness, and sharpen each of your six senses
• The magician's tools—step-by-step instruction for the creation and use of traditional artifacts such as a staff, robe, and ring
• A hunger for all knowledge—why a good magician knows as much about both subatomic particles and symbolic pentacles
• Transformation—discover a lifelong practice for embracing the light of knowledge, the power of compassion, and the truth of your divine essence

Now Is the Time to Begin
When you begin Your Unseen Power, your life as an apprentice in magic begins. This course will definitely ask you for your time, energy, and dedication.

But as thousands of Dolores' students can attest, the rewards for your hard work will transform you in ways you could never imagine—and uncover gifts you never realized that you possess.

Your Unseen Power is the first and only comprehensive course in practical magic, from a teacher recognized as a living treasure for her experience and wisdom in the Western Mystery Tradition.

Are you ready to begin your apprenticeship? Are you ready to unlock your unseen power?

If so, then your teacher is waiting.

Title: Your Unseen Power: Real Training in Western Magic

Author Name: Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

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Location Published: Mystic Magus: 2019

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